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Here in the Elqui Valley we work and teach to reobtain your physical emocional and mental health, using bioenergy, a revolutionary technique to reconnect with what has been lost.,

If a crisis (non-intelligent emotions) could not be solved by the 90% of the subtle engergy we possess, this crisis manifests itself until there are symptoms called sickness

We teach you how to heal yourself and be healthy, liberating yourself from your profound supra-consciousness.... to "Return to Life".


  • "Syntergetics" (Individual)
    The union between science and consciousness - to work with the proper healing energy of the patient.
  • "Applicated Bioenergetics" (Individual and Groups)
    A powerful therapeutic tool to talk coherently with the BEING from one's Consciousness of the field or bio-field.
  • "Medical Biomagnetism Médico" (Individual):
    The balance of a PH neutral combats, avoids and prevents illnesses which are difficult to treat by allopathy.
  • "Biomagnetic Apitherapy" (Individual)
    Powerful anti-inflammatory and natural antibiotic for muscular or articular pain. Beneficial effects.
  • "Cuencos Tibetanos" (Groups)
    Original sounds in the only temple built of clay in the area - to meditate profoundly in harmony, harmonizing chakras and emotional imbalances.

Workshops and Courses:

  • Course (Training) of Applicated Bioenergetics with Medical Biomagnetism and principles of Syntergetics
  • Workshop of Biomagnetic Apitherapy
  • Workshop of Tibetan and Quartz Singing Bowls to align Chakras with colours and sounds.
  • Massage Workshop

We also offer lodging - please consult.

  • Group sessions (meditation, sonotherapy): CLP 15.000
  • Individual sessions: CLP 10.000 - 35.000
  • Workshop Biomagnetic Apitherapy CLP 45.000 (1 day)
  • Workshop Tibetan Singing Bowls  CLP 60.000 (1 day)
  • Workshop Massage   CLP 75.000 (12 hrs or 2 days, includes lodging, coffee breaks, lunch)
  • Course (Training) Applicated Bioenergetics with Medical Biomagnetism and Principles of Syntergetics
    CLP 395.000 (4 days with loding and all meals)
Payment options: Cash, bank transfer



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Cellphone: +56 9 6158 0539

mail: contacto@bioluz.cl

web: www.bioluz.cl

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