El Bosque is a restaurant located in Horcón at the riverbank, surrounded by trees and nature.
We like to offer you the best local specialties and a personal attention.


Our speciaties

  • lamb cooked with red wine
  • Steak with goat cheese and mushrooms
  • Costillar de cerdo (pig meat) al horno
  • Carne a la olla (Stew)
  • Chicken with mustard and honey
  • Vegetable quiche with goat cheese
  • Vegetable Lasaña
  • Pizzas with home made sauce and various ingredients to choose from

All of this with a side dish of boiled potatoes with rosmary, quinoa, whole-grain rice or salad. You can enjoy our lemonades or natural fruit juices as well as our various special desserts.

Opening hours:
High season: Monday to Sunday from 13.00 hrs - 21.00 hrs
Low season: Thursday to Sunday from 13.00 hrs - 18.00 hrs

From CLP 5.000 - CLP 11.000


Horcón Bajo s/n

-30.1936209  -70.4855863


Cellphone: +56 9 9531 3856

mail: espe0902@gmail.com

web: no existe

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