February 2018

Thursday, 01.02.2018

Fiesta Espuma Paihuano

Summer entertainment:
Fiesta Espuma ("Foam Festival"), Estadio, Paihuano, at 16.00 hrs

Friday, 02.02.2018

II. Meeting Tropical Bands

Event with several bands playing tropical music
Where: La Ortiga, Horcón, 20.00 hrs

Tuesday, 06.02.2018

Fiesta Espuma Horcón

Summer entertainment:
Fiesta Espuma ("Foam Festival"), Sede Social, Horcón, at 16.00 hrs

Wednesday, 07.02.2018

Handicraft Market, Paihuano

Feria Costumbrista in Paihuano:
Big annual Handicraft Market in Paihuano - offers local food, handicrafts, but also music, dance and expositions.

Tuesday, 13.02.2018

Fiesta Espuma Pisco Elqui

Summer Entertainment:
Fiesta Espuma ("Foam festival"), Plaza Pisco Elqui, 16.00 hrs

Wednesday, 14.02.2018

Velada Romántica

Romantic Show on Valentine's Day.

Begin 20.00 hrs, Plaza Pisco Elqui

Tuesday, 20.02.2018

Fiesta Espuma Montegrande

Summer entertainment:
Fiesta Espuma ("Foam Festival", Plaza Montegrande, at 16.00 hrs

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