Wednesday, 07.12.2016

Vipassana Course

5-day course of Vipassana Meditation

8.12. - 12.12.2016

we have a 5 day course every month starting 5 days before the full moon.

People will be required to arrive the evening before at 4 p.m. in order to take care of practical matters, like where to stay, how to eat, what reading material to read, etc.

On our Website you will find the manuals to read, how to get here, the details of the course and so on.


Thursday, 08.12.2016

Fiesta Religiosa

Paihuano celebrates the "Fiesta Patronal de la Inmaculada Concepción" (religious event of the "Inmaculate Conception").

There will be a procession with the statue of the Virgin Mary.

Free entrance.

Friday, 09.12.2016

Fiesta del Damasco

The "Grupo de Rescate del Patrimonio Cultural y Social de Diaguitas" (Organization for the Rescue of the Cultural and Social Patrimony of Diaguitas) invites you and your family to the third version of the "Fiesta del Damasco" (Apricot Celebration).
This will take place in our typical village of Diaguitas. This event contemplates the live and direct process of the elaboration of apricot mermelade, the whole production process. So our visitors will know the details of the recipe for this delicious product, which is so typical for the villages of our region.

Furthermore there will be an exposition of other typical products of the area, related to apricots, like canned fruits, desserts or compotes. You will also find possibilities to taste the products and enjoy music and local handicraft.

All this will happen near the plaza of Diaguitas, on the 9th and 10th of December, between 11.00 hrs and 19.30 hrs.

Free Entrance.

The inauguration takes place on Friday 9th, at 18.30 hrs. Hope to see you!

Thursday, 22.12.2016

Christmas Celebration

On Dec 22 the municipality celebrates Christmas.

At the plaza in Pisco Elqui the village children will wait for the appearance of Santa Claus - there will be entertainment for kids.

Free entrance.

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