We offer a mixture between nature and culture, which means a competely new experience for our customers.

Our 15 years of experience garantize safety and logistic capacity within the region, with our own equipment for outdoor excursions and astronomy tours.

Tours by car: get in one of our cars and enjoy the trip accompanied by one of our experienced guides who will help you understand everything in detail.

Tours a La Serena/ Coquimbo; in the Elqui valley, routes to Vicuña, vineyards, pisco distilleries,  Valley of Cochiguaz y remote villages.

Astro Tourism: tours to touristic astronomy centers and professional observatories. In Pisco Elqui we offer "Astro Experience",  an observation of the night skies in the mountains guided by an expert and equipped with a 20” telescope.

Outdoor excursions: Day trips and Astro-Trips, apt for everyone. We go hiking, on horseback or on mountainbikes descending and passing the beautiful nature of the precordillera, with rivers and small dirt tracks with the assistance of a guide.

Excursion to the Andes: a two day program with one night at the "Laguna El Cepo" in the High Andes.

Special services and events for delegations and companies
Wine and Pisco Tasting
Special open air meals
Transfer service: we dispose of various vehicles: JEEP Mahindra capacity 7 passengers and van Hiunday H350 capacity 16 passengers. Drivers with professional licenses.

Astro Tourism from CLP 30.000, CLP 20.000 kids from 7 to 12 years, CLP 0 for kids under 7.
Tours by car from CLP 29.000 p/person
Bicycle excursions (mountainbike) CLP 34.000 p/person
Trekking CLP 25.000 p/adults and CLP 20.000 kids from 8 to 12 years
Excursions to the cordillera de los Andes with camping: please consult

Payment options: Cash, bank transfer, credit cards, paypal


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web: www.turismomigrantes.com

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