Tierra y Valle

(Earth and valley of the children)
A local educational project


Web: www.tierrayvalle.org
E-mail: contacto@tierrayvalle.org

Tierra y Valle de los Niños (Earth and  Valley of the Kids) is an NGO organization, founded in 2011 with the aim of promoting values and practice of social and environmental responsability from childhood on.

We start and realize initiatives and projects which contribute to the development of the children's  and improve their environment in the areas of:
Ambiental and cultural education, qualifications, excursions and educational workshops for the development of Sustainment with the emphasis on the environment where the children actually live.

Nature contains life, feelings, wisdom and sensitivity. We build an education for the children wich provides them with knowledge, abilities and values for their lives and the celebration of truth and love.

We believe that if there exists more biodiversity and habitats is in the environment, the possibilities of interaction and learning of the kids will also grow.

Tierra y Valle uses a method called "Tierra de Niños", approved by the UNESCO, like a tool for the ambiental education. Until today more than 300 children of the community of Paihuano participated in this program. They are planting more than 450 native trees with the help of the municipaliy, helping and protecting their environment by attending permanent workshops.

La Luna Circo



The school of Circus Arts “La Luna Circo” (with more than 16 years of turning operations (3 in Ecuador and Perú, 9 in Argentina and 4 in Chile), offers a vast experience in the production of workshops, courses, meetings, events and street performances, parades in various different ways.

These workshops are open to the whole community without difference. They promote participation, comunal living and the cultural/artistic valuation and integration in order to adopt stimuli of healthy and sane living using the physical exercises and the professional performance.

E-mail: lalunacircodelvalle@gmail.com
Phone: +56 9 9379 1343

The most important of our activities:

  • The realization of the "First Meeting of Circus Arts" in the city of Mar Del Plata in Argentina in 2009.
  • The realization of the "First, Second and Third Meeting of Circus Arts - Artist connection" in the Elqui Valley (Alcohuaz, Horcón y Pisco Elqui) in Chile, in the years 2013, 2014 and 2015.
  • Development of workshops at the schools of the community of Paihuano (Tres Cruces, Paihuano, Montegrande, Pisco Equi and Horcón Bajo) in 2016.
  • Performances of the circus (with the children of the community) in Pisco Elqui, February and June, 2016.
  • In 2015 we opened the doors of our house, located in La Ortiga, for the project: Semillas :: eca :: espacio cultural abierto ::.
    The offers are without economic interests and are open to the whole municipality. There are artistic activities, mostly circus arts, but also painting techniques, artistic make-up, music, computer skills and more.

What is the intention of this school?

  • Promoting the public interest towards the importance of an artistic and cultural development as a medium for integration, living together and social participation.
  • Production of tutorials, courses, meetings and performances for the community. As well as workshops especially focussed on children and teenagers - with them it is possible to intensify early the adoption of healthy, caring and sociable life-styles.
  • Transmission of various circus techniqes in order to transmit social values like the feeling of belonging to something, love and respect for arts and culture in their different ways of expression.
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