A lot of fruit trees grow in this fertile valley - like peach trees, apricot trees, fig trees, avocado trees and more.
Traditionally the fruits were dried to preserve them - and until today the dried fruits of the Elqui Valley are a specialty known all over the country.
Due to the special micro-climate of the valley you find even exotic fruits here like papayas or chirimoyas. Other typical products are marmalades, syrups, juices and sweets - all homemade with traditional recipes.
The local herbs are used for cooking or for healing purposes - like teas, spices or herb cushions.

You also find regional handicraft: knitware or weaving products, batik, jewelry, stones, lamps, decoration stuff and a lot more.

And of course there are shops to buy food and other necessary things, a hardware store, bakeries and so on.




Location: Pisco Elqui

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