Punto de Luz

  • Bioenergetic Therapies
  • Massages (Relaxation, Back)
    We apply different techniques, from masotherapy to Shiatsu and Bioenergy using aromatic oils. Specially for muscle pain, tensions caused by stress. We attend individuals and couples.
  • Chakra Alineation
    A method of alternative medicine, particularly indicated with chronical stress (emotional and mental) symptoms. It will reestablish your level of vitality, wellbeing and spiritual clarity.
  • Reiki
    Treatment of natural healing, channelizing the Universal Energy using the hands. In a Reiki Session you can experience a relaxing sensation and a profound connection with your interior world. Restoring and harmonizing the flow of the vital energies. Individual or group treatment.
  • Bach Flowers
    Healing system of 38 flower essences, created by Dr. Edward Bach. Consists of a diagnose in order to find the most effective formula for the patient.
    Takes effects as well on adults as on children.
  • Tarot Sessions
    Session of Tarot and TAO Oracle. Gives a view at the practical aspects of the client's life, work, relations or health. It also offers the discovery or recognition of the mission of your life.
  • Maya Oracle
    Your birthday determines the so-called "Galactic Threshold" - your mission in this life, talents and essence.
  • Rune Oracle
    A Celtic oracle. The rune alphabet is one of the most ancient languages known by humanity. Gives you guidance and orientation.

Regular offers:

Body work orientated at the connection with your most intimate female spirit, with ethnic dances and techniques of meditation, focused on the female body. Group session.
Tuesday 09.30 hrs and Thursday 18.00 hrs, Duration: 90 minutes

Physical, mental and spiritual practise, characterized by the use of mantras and respiration, leading to wellbeing and harmony. Group session
Tuesday 11.00 hrs; Duration: 90 minutes

A slow and soft Yoga class, centered on simple movements and postures, specially recommended for beginners.
Monday to Saturday (except Tuesday) at 09:30 hrs; Duration: 90 minutes

Based on the precepts of Patanjali, Yoga master. Activates, tunes and wakes the vital energy. 
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 18.00 hrs; Duration: 60 minutes

Group classes:  CLP 5.000 per person
Massages: 30 min CLP 15.000, 60 min CLP 25.000
Chakra alineation, Reiki: 60 min, CLP 25.000
Bach Flowers: 60 min, CLP 20.000
Tarot: 30 min CLP 15.000, 60 min: CLP 25.000
Maya Oracle: 30 min CLP 15.000
Runes: 30 min CLP 15.000, 60 min CLP 25.000

Payment options: Cash, bank transfer


Pisco Elqui
Los Carreras with Manuel Rodriguez

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mail: puntodeluzelqui@gmail.com

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