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We invite you to experience our purification and therapeutic treatments.

Ayurveda is an ancient medical tradition from India, about 6.000 years old.

Loto Ojeda Rodríguez,  a professional from the University of Chile, dedicated for 28 years to the investigation and application of healing in the native indigenous tradition. 14 years ago she started with Ayurveda. Pancha Karma - connected with the regeneration of  the five essential organs. She has been living for 26 years in the Elqui Valley where she founded "Centro Tierra Pura". She is a Buddhist and meditator since more than 15 years.

  • Private sessions
    All private sessions contain Abhyango or Shiroabhyanga massage, a profound and purifying massage. This is a whole-body-massage with warm herbal oils, creating a deep wellbeing in body, emotions and energy.
    60 or 90 minutes
  • Evaluation of 2 or 2,5 hours (Evaluation, massage and feedback). 
  • Panchakarma Session Simple 1 hr 45 min. (Massage and medicinal bath) 
  • Panchakarma Complete Purification Session (3 hrs), includes massage, medicinal bath and Mud treatment or Medicinal Herb treatment. The therapist will decide the order of the treatments after a short evaluation. 
  • One-Day-Ayurveda Treatment
    One day of Ayurveda and Panchakarma - a break in order to recover your energy and strength. Includes a Panchakarma session, an ayurvedic lunch and Mindfulness Meditation.
  • Simultaneous Massages for 2 people, 60 or 90 minutes

Special sessions with other therapists:

  • Biomagnetism treatment, only Tuesday.
  • Relaxing Ayurvedic Session (1 hr). Applicated by team members, inspired by Abhyanga massage and draining massage.



Regular offers:

Mindfulness Meditation, daily Mon - Sat, free


  • Ayurvedic Lunch, CLP 4.000
  • Ayurvedic juices, CLP 2.000
    Green juice, to alcalinize the organism.
    Aloe Vera juice for the intestines, anti-inflammatory
    Herbal Juice with ginger, to activate the immune system



  • Personal session, 60 min CLP 25.000 / 90 min CLP 30.000
  • Evaluation simple, 120 min, CLP 40.000
    Evaluation Complete, 150 min, CLP 45.000
  • Panchakarma simple, 105 min, CLP 35.000
    Panchakarma Purifying Complete, 180 min, CLP 50.000
  • Whole Day Ayurveda and Panchakarma: CLP 60.000
  • Simultaneous massage for two: 60 min CLP 50.000, 90 min: CLP 60.000
  • Biomagnetism: CLP 15.000
    Relaxing and Ayurvedic massage: 60 min CLP 18.000

Payment options: Cash, bank transfer


Pisco Elqui
Calle Baquedano 88

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Cellphone: +56 9 8923 0780

mail: centrotierrapura@gmail.com

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