Informaciones Turísticas

Money and Payment

  • Credit cards:
    Some hostels or hotels accept credit cards, as well as some restaurants. But not all do, please consult!
  • ATM:
    in Pisco Elqui you find an ATM, near the plaza
  • Banks:
    in Vicuña (only Banco Estado) and in La Serena


  • Medical post:
    Montegrande, Pisco Elqui, Horcón, Alcohuaz (with a paramedic)
  • Health center (with a doctor)
  • Hospital:
    Vicuña, La Serena, Coquimbo
  • Pharmacies:
  • Tel. Ambulance Paihunao: +56 512 451006

Public Transport

  • Buses aprox. every 20 min La Serena - Pisco Elqui.
  • Aprox. 3 times a day there are buses until Horcón.
  • There is no public transport to  Alcohuaz and Cochiguaz.
  • The last bus leaves at 20.00 hrs from La Serena and from Pisco Elqui the last bus to La Serena also leaves at 20.00 hrs.
  • There is no public transport at night.
  • Rates: La Serena - Pisco Elqui aprox. CLP 3.000
  • Some agencies offer private transfer. Some hotels also, please consult.


  • The roads are asphalted until Alcohuaz and Cochiguaz.
  • The last gas station is in Rivadavia (aprox. 20 kms from Vicuña and 25 kms from Pisco Elqui).


  • A big supermarket is in Vicuña
  • In Pisco Elqui you find a hardware store, bakery, mini-supermarkets and souvenir shops.
  • In Pisco Elqui there is a small handicraft market, in Horcón is the "Handicraft Village" (Pueblo artesanal).
  • All of the villages have shops to buy food.


  • Police station and fire brigade in Pisco Elqui.
  • Emergency phones:
    Police Pisco Elqui: +56 512 651188
    Police Paihuano: +56 512 651186
    Fire Brigade Pisco Elqui: +56 9 6828 6267
    Ambulance Paihuano: +56 512 451006
    Medical Post Pisco Elqui: +56 512 451386
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