Welcome to Pisco Elqui - the jewel of the Elqui Valley!

Welcome to Pisco Elqui - the jewel of the Valle de Elqui!

Pisco Elqui
is a village in the Andes, located in the beautiful Elqui Valley, where magic becomes reality....

We welcome you in this village, heart of the mythical Elqui Valley, which is surrounded by the Andean mountain range.
Here you find the world's clearest skies, the most spectacular nights with millions of stars and an incomparably blue sky.

Pisco Elqui is situated at about 1.300 m above sea level, surrounded by vineyards and the magnificent mountain range of the Precordillera of the Andes. A climate like paradise (300 sunny days a year) as well as kind and friendly inhabitants make this village an ideal place to recover from stress, tension and contamination.

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Where to stay.


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Important to know.
  • The last gas station is in Rivadavia (aprox. 25 kms).
  • There is now an ATM available in Pisco Elqui.
  • There exists a paramedic in Pisco Elqui (posta médica).
  • A medical center is in Paihuano.
  • The nearest banks, hospitals and pharmacies are in Vicuña.
  • Tarmaced road until Pisco Elqui and Horcón.
  • Many hotels or hostels accept credit cards, but not all do. Please check.


Organización Turística de Pisco Elqui

Pisco Elqui / Valle de Elqui (Elqui Valley)
Comuna de Paihuano
email: info@piscoelqui.com


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